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Creep show

At the dinner table.  A mosquito has landed in Dad’s water.

B — Eew!  A bug in your drink!

Dad — No big deal.

B — You’re gonna drink it anyway?!

R — It’s a horror show!  A nightmare!


The end is near

B — Dad, why do you have wrinkles on your face?

Dad — Because as my body gets older, my face becomes less smooth and shows lines.

B — Oh…  you mean because you’re decaying?


Spice up your conversation

At the table.

Dad — B, you’re eating like a chicken.  Stop.

R — Yeah!  You always eat like a chicken.

Dad — R, quiet.

B — Yeah, R.  I don’t want to hear your comments.

R — I wasn’t giving you condiments!

Twin math

B — Mom, can we have some of those Kissables?

Mom — No.  You ate them all yesterday.

B — We did?

Mom — Almost all of them.  There are only 6 left.

B — Well, it’s an even number…


At the breakfast table.

R — Look!  New cereal!

B — No, that box is empty.  We ate all the cereal yesterday.

R — No, Mom bought a new one.  See?

B — Ohhh… she ate the rest of it and bought a new box!

Ghostly encounter

On the eve of our trip home to meet Daddy.

Mom — I am so excited to see Dad!

R — Me, too!  I want to see his face!  I just want to see his face.  I don’t need to see his body.  I wouldn’t care if he didn’t have legs.

B — That would be weird…

R — Well, he would have a body, but he would be invisible, like a ghost.

B — But I want to hold his hand.

R — Well, you could. You just wouldn’t be able to see it.

B — Hmmm… I want to see all of him.


The best is yet to come

The boys are eating breakfast.

R — Let’s eat the cereal first, B.

B — Okay!

R — Yeah.  I like to save the best for last.