Monthly Archives: November 2011

Homophone dessert

At the dinner table.

Mom — Do you want some chocolate mousse?

R, pausing — It’s not really a moose, is it?

Mom — No.

R — Oh… it’s just called a “moose” because it’s the color of a moose?


Lunch box love

I included notes in the boys’ lunchboxes.  R wrote me back.

Life through a lens

The boys got cameras for their birthday a few years ago.  Below are their contributions to the family photo album:

Riding in cars with worms

In R & B’s room, at bedtime.

Zig zag

R — It’s going to take Dad a long time to drive to San Diego.  It’s because the roads are so squiggly.

Aroma Spa

The boys are getting ready to take a shower when R decides he needs to poop.  B gets in the shower.

B — Eew!  I can smell your poop!  It stinks!  Your poop must be really grimy…

Bag lady

Cousin MaCs has come home from her college classes.  The boys are coming upstairs with her.

MaCs — … let me check my purse.

R — You have a purse?!

MaCs — Yes.

R — That’s awesome!  You must be almost fully grown!