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Playing Pictionary with B.  Any guesses? (Rollover for the answer.)


R and B have been playing “Chicken Out” with Mom and Dad.  The board game involves getting plastic chicken pawns “across the road” safely.  Wild cards, which are played face down, require that players pull their chickens to safety on the side of the road or risk getting “run over” if the wild card reveals the color of the chickens left on the road.

At the dinner table, a few days later:

Mom – B, aren’t you going to finish those noodles?

B – No, I’m going to risk them.

Mom – What do you mean?

B- It means I’m going to leave them there.  They’ll be fine.

Fair warning

R has been complaining of  a headache all day, so I give him Tylenol.

R – This medicine tastes yummy!

A few minutes later, B follows me into the bathroom.

B – Mommy, I have a cough.

Mom, suspecting he wants some of the yummy medicine himself – No, you don’t.

B – Yes, I do.

Mom – Well, this medicine won’t make your cough any better.

B – I know.  I’m just warning you.

Best wishes

R gets up from the dinner table and announces,

R – I think I want to go poop right now.

Dad- Good luck!

R – You, too!

I’d turn back if I were you

The boys drew a track for their matchbox cars, traffic signs and all.  I don’t know about you, but I get nervous when I encounter “yellow yucks” while driving.

Meet Mom

By B.


A family portrait, by B.

No, Dad is not balancing croquet balls on his arms.  Those are his muscles, of course.  And he doesn’t have ants crawling on his face.  Those are his whiskers; it’s obvious.  Sadly, B did not offer any explanation for Mom’s long neck or his and R’s strange head gear.

Shake your “boody”!

At the library, during the Summer Kids’ Program, the lady in charge has finished reading a couple of books and begins to give instructions on the dance moves for a song she is about to play.  The song is titled “Boody Boody”, and the lady instructs the kids to swing their hips on each “boody”, then clap.

R – Oh, I get it!  You move your bottom because “booty” is another word for bottom, right?

I’ll take mine à la mode, please

The boys are playing in the living room.

R — You want a piece of me??

B — Yeah; I’ll have one.

A picture is worth a thousand words

The boys were in my classroom while I was in a meeting.