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From the bottom up

After a particularly messy poop, R requires some wiping assistance.   When I am finished, he announces: “You are a master of bottom cleaning!”

One way or another

B — Mom, I think I swallowed a tonsil stone.

Mom — Eew!  Gross!

B — I know!  It felt funny.  I was trying to cough it up but I couldn’t.

Mom — Yuck.

B — Will it come out when I poop?


Thong song

I am in the boys’ bathroom, helping B with something in the tub, while R is on the potty.  I am bending over the tub.  I am in my underwear.

R — Mom, why does your underwear go in your bottom?

Mom — That’s just how the underwear is made.

R — It doesn’t go in too far, does it?  That would make it stinky.

Aroma Spa

The boys are getting ready to take a shower when R decides he needs to poop.  B gets in the shower.

B — Eew!  I can smell your poop!  It stinks!  Your poop must be really grimy…

Waste management

B is brushing his teeth in the boys’ bathroom when Mom walks in.

Mom — It’s stinky in here!  Did you go poop?

B — No.  I went poop yesterday.  It was a big one!  It means I got rid of a lot of my waste.

Man overboard

In the bathroom.

B — Did you see my poop, Mom?!  It was huge!  (Then, proudly) That was a man poop!

What goes in…

The boys are eating ice cream cones from McDonald’s.  I notice there is a puddle of spit and chewed up cone on the table in front of B.

Mom — What happened?

B — I ate some of the paper on the bottom of the cone.  But don’t worry.  I’ll poop it out.