Monthly Archives: December 2011

Dinosaur attack

I am sitting on the living room couch when R runs in, crying and stammering, with B hot on his heels.

B — I said I’m sorry!

R — Mom!  B jumped on me and hit me on the back!

B — I said  I was sorry!

R — You jumped on my bed and kicked me!

B — Sorry!

R — You do it all the time!

B — Not all the time!

R — Yes, you do!  You’re like a pterodactyl tearing at my skin!

Buy a new life

On the phone with Dad.

Dad — I’m sorry I won’t be able to come see you for Christmas this year.

B — It was too much money?

Dad — Yes.

B — You need the money to buy a new job, right?

Danger in the skies

A bedtime prayer, by R:

“Dear Jesus, please don’t let our ears hurt on the plane and please keep us safe and please don’t let another flying airplane shoot us down.  In Jesus’ name, Amen.”

Thank you for me

A bedtime prayer, by B:

“Dear Jesus, thank you that we have a mommy and a daddy and thank you that I have a brother and thank you that my brother has a brother.  In Jesus’ name, Amen.”

Delights abound

R is eating some of Opa’s panettone.

R — What?!  It even has fruit delights!


It is 6:30 AM when I am awakened by knocking at my bedroom door.

Mom — Yes?

B — Mom, when you’re done napping, can you put batteries in this toy?

Message in a prayer

Dad has sent belated birthday presents to the boys via Auntie Kate.  They are thrilled!

At bedtime, praying:

B — Dear Jesus, thank you that Daddy “sented” us presents and please send him a message that we love him and we are so “thanked” for the toys and 1,000 kisses for him.  In Jesus’ name, Amen.”

¡Feliz Navidad!

Oma and Opa’s Christmas tree has some extra flair this year, courtesy of R & B.

Dear Mr. Grinch

As part of their work at school, the boys wrote letters to the Grinch


X-Ray vision

The boys had fun with body crayons.  R displayed his knowledge of the digestive and circulatory systems.