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And they lived happily ever after

At the breakfast table.

R — Ow!  B!!!

Mom — What’s going on?

R — B punched me hard right here!

B — I wasn’t trying to do it hard!

Mom — You shouldn’t be touching him at all.

B — I didn’t mean to do it so hard.

Mom — Keep your hands to yourself.  That’s the end of the story.

B — What?  What story are you talking about?

Units of measurement

Mom — What did your teacher say about the mug you made for her?

B — She loved it more than us!

Mom —  She loved the mug more than she loves you guys?

B — Well, she loves it the same as much in time as us.

Mom — That’s good.

B — Yeah, she loves it just as much length as us!



Fashion sense

Mom — How are your shoes fitting, boys?

B — Mine are starting to get small.

R — Mine, too.

Mom — Well, I told Dad we would probably need to get you new shoes, so maybe we can go shopping this week.  We may not find as many choices here as we do at home, but I’m sure we’ll find something.

R — Yeah.  They probably won’t have many fashion styles here.


“Hair” apparent

Mom —  I really miss Daddy.

R — Looking at us reminds you of him, huh?

Mom — Yes, all the time!

B — Why?

R — Because she thinks we look like him, of course!

B — We do?

Mom — Yes.  Don’t you think so?

R — Hmmm… maybe if I had a mustache.

In that order

Mom — I miss Daddy all the time, boys.

B — I miss him, too.

Mom — I think about him all the time.

B — Think, miss.  Think, miss.  Think, miss.  Think miss.

Mom — You’re right…

B — I think and miss him, too.


Ticket to ride

A bedtime prayer, by B.

“… and please let Daddy find 3 tickets soon so we can go home as soon as possible and let Mommy have enough money to get on the plane.  In Jesus’ name, amen.”

Looking out for number one

B has woken up with small bug bites all over his body.

At bedtime:

B — Did you wash my sheets?

Mom — Yes.  In really hot water.

B — The bugs are gone?

Mom — I think so.  Are you nervous?

B — Yes.

Mom — I’ll come and check on you later on tonight, while you’re sleeping.  If I notice any new bug bites, I’ll take you to my bed with me.  Is that okay?

B — Yes.

R — But not me!

Mom — What?  Why?

R — Because!  If he has bugs then he’ll take them to your bed and then I’ll get them, too!

Mom — So it’s okay if I get his bugs, but not you?

R — Yes!  I know you can take care of yourself.