Monthly Archives: May 2012

You say “potato”…

The boys are getting out of the bathtub.

Mom — B, Hold on to that handle when you step out!  If you fell, you would really hurt your crotch.

B — What’s my  “crouch”?

Mom – Your crotch.  The part of your body between your legs.

B — Why didn’t you just say my testicles?

True romantic

R, after hugging Mom goodnight – You are just a bucket of hearts, Mom!

Retirement planning

R — Mom, does everybody have to have a job?

Mom — Most everyone.  Most people need to work so they can have money to buy food and gas and stuff.

R — Does anyone live normally?

Mom — What do you mean?

R — Well, do any people live at home normally and not have jobs?

Mom — Some people.

R — I think when I grow up I just want to live normally.  I’ll live with you and we can share your money.