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You say “potato”…

The boys are getting out of the bathtub.

Mom — B, Hold on to that handle when you step out!  If you fell, you would really hurt your crotch.

B — What’s my  “crouch”?

Mom – Your crotch.  The part of your body between your legs.

B — Why didn’t you just say my testicles?

Submarine fun

The boys are taking a bath.

R — B, wait, I’m going to fart.  Here come the bubbles!  Ready?

Good enough to eat

The boys are taking a bath while the cookies they have helped me make are baking.

R, getting out of the tub — Mmmm!  It smells like pancakes out here!

B — Ooh, you’re right!  It must be us, ’cause we’re so clean!  Yummy!