Monthly Archives: March 2012

Good enough to eat

The boys are taking a bath while the cookies they have helped me make are baking.

R, getting out of the tub — Mmmm!  It smells like pancakes out here!

B — Ooh, you’re right!  It must be us, ’cause we’re so clean!  Yummy!


A penny saved

R — Mom, B and I found two pennies when we were vacuuming.  I’m going to give them to you, since you’re poor.

Mom — Why do you think I’m poor?

R — Well, you don’t usually have much money, and Dad usually has more money than you.  Maybe you can use these pennies.  I’ll leave them here on the table for you, okay?

A plan of action

Mom — B, I put a new brush head on your toothbrush.  Your other toothbrush looks pretty good, though.  Use the one you want.  It’s up to you.

B — Yeah, let’s start with this old one and see how that goes first.

Twin math

B — Mom, can we have some of those Kissables?

Mom — No.  You ate them all yesterday.

B — We did?

Mom — Almost all of them.  There are only 6 left.

B — Well, it’s an even number…

I once was blind

We have arrived in California and we have met Dad at the airport.  We have walked out to the parking lot and the boys are seeing the new minivan for the first time.  Dad has opened the back to put the suitcases inside.

R — Wow!  Look at the inside!  Why didn’t you send us pictures of the inside of the car?  [Pause] Never mind.

Then, in stereo, R and B — Now we see.

People are people

The boys are sorting through their toys in preparation for the trip home.  They are becoming increasingly distracted.

Mom — You people sure are making things difficult!

B — People?  You can’t call us people!

Mom — Why not?  Aren’t you people?

R — Of course not!  We’re kids.


At the breakfast table.

R — Look!  New cereal!

B — No, that box is empty.  We ate all the cereal yesterday.

R — No, Mom bought a new one.  See?

B — Ohhh… she ate the rest of it and bought a new box!

Scent of a woman

After showering.

R — Eew!  This towel stinks!  Smell it!

Mom — It doesn’t stink, R.

R, after sniffing it — Oh, I guess it doesn’t.  Well, then it was the other side.

Mom — No, it was probably me.  I’m all sweaty from dancing lessons.

R — Then that means you stink!

Mom — Probably.

B — You really need to take a shower!  Look how sweaty you are.

R — Your shirt’s all wet.  Boy, you really stink!  [Pause]  Those must’ve been some dancing skills!

Kids menu

At bedtime.

Mom — Go brush your teeth, R.  And no more of that chewing on your toothbrush.  Brush your teeth for real.

R — Okay.

Mom — I mean it!  Your teeth will rot and fall out.  Can you imagine?  You’ll get to California and you won’t have any teeth.

R — Then I’ll only be able to eat things like yogurt and ice cream!


In the bathroom, after a shower.

R — Mom!  There’s a fire ant in here!

Then, after I’ve squished the bug.

R — Yes!  That’s goodbye to you!