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Your wish is my command

Mom — B, would you please put away the trains?

B — Okey dokey.  If you say so… I would do anything for you, Mom!

True romantic

R, after hugging Mom goodnight – You are just a bucket of hearts, Mom!

Land of the giants

The boys are putting away clean underwear in their dresser.  B spots one of Dad’s underwear in the basket.

B — What?!  This underwear is huge!  Whose giant bottom fits in these??!!

A plan of action

Mom — B, I put a new brush head on your toothbrush.  Your other toothbrush looks pretty good, though.  Use the one you want.  It’s up to you.

B — Yeah, let’s start with this old one and see how that goes first.

Scent of a woman

After showering.

R — Eew!  This towel stinks!  Smell it!

Mom — It doesn’t stink, R.

R, after sniffing it — Oh, I guess it doesn’t.  Well, then it was the other side.

Mom — No, it was probably me.  I’m all sweaty from dancing lessons.

R — Then that means you stink!

Mom — Probably.

B — You really need to take a shower!  Look how sweaty you are.

R — Your shirt’s all wet.  Boy, you really stink!  [Pause]  Those must’ve been some dancing skills!

Kids menu

At bedtime.

Mom — Go brush your teeth, R.  And no more of that chewing on your toothbrush.  Brush your teeth for real.

R — Okay.

Mom — I mean it!  Your teeth will rot and fall out.  Can you imagine?  You’ll get to California and you won’t have any teeth.

R — Then I’ll only be able to eat things like yogurt and ice cream!


In the bathroom, after a shower.

R — Mom!  There’s a fire ant in here!

Then, after I’ve squished the bug.

R — Yes!  That’s goodbye to you!

Divine memo

A bedtime prayer, by B.

“… and please make sure Mom remembers that she said we could play games on her phone in the morning when we wake up.  In Jesus’ name, amen.”

Job description

The boys and I are reading a book about a girl whose mother is a seamstress.

R — What’s a seamstress?

Mom — A woman who sews clothes, usually for a living.

R — You’re kind of a seamstress…

Mom — Well, I sew a little bit, but I wouldn’t say I’m a seamstress.

B — You used to sew a lot at our home in Connecticut.  But that wasn’t your job.  Your job is to take care of us and keep us busy.

Ticket to ride

A bedtime prayer, by B.

“… and please let Daddy find 3 tickets soon so we can go home as soon as possible and let Mommy have enough money to get on the plane.  In Jesus’ name, amen.”