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Your wish is my command

Mom — B, would you please put away the trains?

B — Okey dokey.  If you say so… I would do anything for you, Mom!

True romantic

R, after hugging Mom goodnight – You are just a bucket of hearts, Mom!

Land of the giants

The boys are putting away clean underwear in their dresser.  B spots one of Dad’s underwear in the basket.

B — What?!  This underwear is huge!  Whose giant bottom fits in these??!!

A plan of action

Mom — B, I put a new brush head on your toothbrush.  Your other toothbrush looks pretty good, though.  Use the one you want.  It’s up to you.

B — Yeah, let’s start with this old one and see how that goes first.

Scent of a woman

After showering.

R — Eew!  This towel stinks!  Smell it!

Mom — It doesn’t stink, R.

R, after sniffing it — Oh, I guess it doesn’t.  Well, then it was the other side.

Mom — No, it was probably me.  I’m all sweaty from dancing lessons.

R — Then that means you stink!

Mom — Probably.

B — You really need to take a shower!  Look how sweaty you are.

R — Your shirt’s all wet.  Boy, you really stink!  [Pause]  Those must’ve been some dancing skills!

Kids menu

At bedtime.

Mom — Go brush your teeth, R.  And no more of that chewing on your toothbrush.  Brush your teeth for real.

R — Okay.

Mom — I mean it!  Your teeth will rot and fall out.  Can you imagine?  You’ll get to California and you won’t have any teeth.

R — Then I’ll only be able to eat things like yogurt and ice cream!


In the bathroom, after a shower.

R — Mom!  There’s a fire ant in here!

Then, after I’ve squished the bug.

R — Yes!  That’s goodbye to you!