Monthly Archives: February 2012

You might as well know

R has broken his foam water pistol.  He is distraught.  I have tried unsuccessfully to fix the toy.

Mom — Sorry, R.  I can’t fix it.  We can take it home to see if Dad can fix it, though, if you want.

R — Okay.  I bet Dad can fix it.  He’s much better at fixing things than you are.


Heavy heart

R calls me from his room.

Mom — Yes?

R — Can I have a drink of water?

Mom — Not now, honey.

R — Anyway, how come your steps are so loud when you’re walking?

B — It’s because she’s so heavy.

Let’s pretend

I am putting on my makeup when B walks in.

B — Are we leaving?

Mom — When I’m done here.

B — What are you doing?

Mom — I’m getting ready.

B — Why are you putting on makeup?  To make yourself look like you’re pretty?

Who you gonna call?

The boys have discovered ants in their room at Oma and Opa’s house.

R — Oma, we found ants in our room!  You need to call the verminator!

Packing heat

We’re in the car with Opa and Oma, making the trip to the mountain house.

B — R, don’t frown on this trip.  You’ll use up all your energy.  I read in that book about the human body that you use 37 muscles to frown, but only 17 to smile.

R — I read that, too!  Let me see you frown.

B does as he is asked.

R — Wow!  You do use a lot of muscles!  Look how your forehead gets all wrinkled.

B– And you can see all my guns when I show my teeth.


Preaching it

R presented me with these pages depicting some important virtues.

R — I forgot obedience and discipline, but you already know about those.


Water babies

We went to the park down the street from Oma and Opa’s house.  When we got there, R and B played on the swings and pulled their dump trucks along.  After about 20 minutes, the landscaping guy turned on the sprinklers.

The boys played in the water for almost a full hour, running through the sprinklers and jumping in the puddles, fully clothed.

When we were leaving, I asked the boys if they’d had a good time.

R — Yes!

B — I sure did!

Mom — Maybe we can come back tomorrow.

R — Okay!  Let’s tell the gardener when we’ll be here so he can turn on the sprinklers for us again, though.