Thank you very kindly

After a conversation about the birds and the bees.

B — When does your body know if you are going to pee or “make semen”?

Mom — Your brain knows the difference.  Just like when you know if you have to pee or poop.

B — Well, that’s very nice of the brain!


2 responses to “Thank you very kindly

  • All that makes you...

    I too have identical boys and upon telling them about sperm one of them began yelling, “I just want to know if this semen is going to come out of me as a liquid or a solid with the little fish?!!!!” I just started a blog this week about our stories. I too had the notebook and word file and finally decided to try sharing for encouragement. Twins are a terrific ride!

    • Mom

      Oh, that’s so funny! I always tell people I couldn’t come up with the funny stuff the boys said if I tried. Twins are, indeed, a terrific ride! Every once in a while I wish I could get off it for an hour or so, though, just to catch my breath 😉

      So happy you stopped by! I’ll mosey on over to visit your “notebook” now.

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