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Sensory language

The boys are going out to run errands with Dad.  When they get in the car, they both turn around and get out.

B — Eeew!  it stinks in there!

R — It smells putrid!

Double, double, toil and trouble

Dad is playing Lady Gaga’s “Just Dance” in the car.

R — This song is about how she lost her phone and her keys.

Mom — The whole song?

R — Well, she’s talking about how she lost those things.  If you lose your phone, you lose everything!

Mom — I would be in trouble if I lost my purse.

R — Why?

Mom — Because it’s where I keep all of my things.  My money, my phone, and my keys.  I’d be in trouble if I lost it!

R — You mean it’s the law?

Mom — What?  No.  I mean I would have a hard time without it and all my stuff in it.

R — Oh.  You mean another kind of trouble, not the kind you get punished for.


Non sequitur

In the car.  The boys are eating ice cream cones from McDonald’s.

B — I almost ate the paper on the bottom of the cone!

R — Me, too!

B — I ate it one time, remember?

R — You did?

B — Yes.  But I spit most of it out.  I swallowed some of it, though.

Mom — Gross.  Like a goat!  Goats eat all kinds of garbage.

B — I know.

R — A goat would probably eat all the paper on the cone.

B — Yeah.  Mom, if I were a goat, I would eat Santa for dinner.

Real estate hors d’oeuvre

We are visiting real estate open houses, just because.  At one house, I get out of the car for a flyer.

R — What’s that?

Mom — It’s a paper that tells you all about the house.

Dad — It’s like an ad.

R — What?

Dad — An advertisement.


Then, at another house.

R — How come we’re not going inside?  You just wanted to look at the appetizer?

Q & A

In the car.

R — … well, it’s because I like to talk so much.

Mom — Yes, you are a talkative kid!

R — Yes!

Mom — Would you say that B is a talkative kid?

R — Not so much.

Mom — How about Dad?

R — Well, Dad is more of an answerative Dad because I ask him so many questions.

I once was blind

We have arrived in California and we have met Dad at the airport.  We have walked out to the parking lot and the boys are seeing the new minivan for the first time.  Dad has opened the back to put the suitcases inside.

R — Wow!  Look at the inside!  Why didn’t you send us pictures of the inside of the car?  [Pause] Never mind.

Then, in stereo, R and B — Now we see.


We are driving to the mountain house with Opa and Oma.  A car passes us on the left and crosses the double yellow line to pass the car ahead of ours.

R — What is that car doing??  Why is he going on the other side of the road?  That’s not a good idea!  Why would he do that?!  He should not be driving on that side of the road.  [Pause]  I think he’s showing off.  To show off means to try to impress someone with your skills.  He’s not a good driver.  If I were driving, I would stay close to the edge of the road and make a tight turn to go fast.  You can go faster if you don’t swerve.  That’s how I drive when I play Mario Kart!

Packing heat

We’re in the car with Opa and Oma, making the trip to the mountain house.

B — R, don’t frown on this trip.  You’ll use up all your energy.  I read in that book about the human body that you use 37 muscles to frown, but only 17 to smile.

R — I read that, too!  Let me see you frown.

B does as he is asked.

R — Wow!  You do use a lot of muscles!  Look how your forehead gets all wrinkled.

B– And you can see all my guns when I show my teeth.


Special D

We are driving back to Opa and Oma’s house after an afternoon spent at Uncle George and Aunt Reina’s house.

Mom — Aunt Reina sent dinner for you.

R — What do you mean?

Mom — She sent some noodles for you to eat so you can have dinner as soon as we get home.

R — You mean in the mail or in the car?


Safety first

While out on the town with Aunt Reina and Uncle George, we are stopped at a traffic intersection where a man is breathing fire to entertain the drivers.

R — What?!

B — How does he do that?!

R — That doesn’t look safe.

Mom — It isn’t.

B — What if he got fire on the cars?

Mom — Or he could catch fire himself.

B — Why is he doing that?

Mom — He is hoping people will give him money for doing tricks.

B — When I grow up, I won’t do that in the street, because I will be too scared of the cars.