Monthly Archives: March 2011

P is for …

In the powder room downstairs.  The hand towel is missing, so I encourage R to use one of the decorative monogrammed fingertip towels that somebody gifted us at Christmas.

R — Why is there a “P” on them?

Mom — What do you think?

R — For “pee” and “poop”?

Who needs toys?

R comes running into Mom & Dad’s bedroom.

R — Dad, B blew a bubble with his nose!  It was made of snot!  And then he popped it!  But not with his finger.  He just kept blowing it bigger and bigger until it popped!

As he leaves the room, we hear

B — R, wasn’t that awesome with my snot?!

You don’t say?

Mom — I talked to Mrs. Principal and Mrs. Teacher yesterday, and they said you’ve been using that squeaky voice you use at home sometimes at school, too.

B — Yes, but mostly it has been R.

Mom — Really?  They said it was mostly you.

B — That’s interesting…

Ninja warrior

A spider is crawling along the floor, so Mom calls R to come kill it.  R takes the paper napkin he is being handed, and promptly squishes the bug.

R — I squished it to death like a cobra!

May I see your credentials?

After checking, for the second night in a row, to see if the Tooth Fairy had visited him.

R , looking over the dollar bill he has found under his pillow — I don’t know about her…

Dad — What do you mean?

R — I’m not sure she’s a fairy.

A cloud of witnesses

R and B were sick last week.  Really sick.  Really, really sick.  Neither one of them had ever thrown up before, ever.

R was shocked the first time he threw up.  He was horrified and crying.

R — I wish everyone who loves me was here with me!


Looks matter

After R’s latest tooth loss, Dad forgot to do his “Tooth Fairy duty”.  R woke up to discover his tooth was still under his pillow.

R — What?!  The Tooth Fairy didn’t come! (Then, after some thought) “Maybe she didn’t like the way it looked.”