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Groooovy, baby!

B brought this one home from school.

Greek mythology

R’s illustration of Zeus:

Getting to know you

R’s tribute to Dad (a fill-in-the-blank sheet he was given at church):

You are all the present I need

B’s inventive spelling doesn’t take away from his sweet message.

Fill in the blank

From R’s school writing journal:


From B’s school writing journal:

A matter of priorities

The boys are counting the days until we are reunited with Dad.

B — I can’t wait to see Daddy!

Mom — I can’t, either.  Dad missed out on a lot of our celebrations, huh?

R — Like our birthday, and Christmas…

Mom — … and my birthday, and Valentine’s Day the day after that.

R — Your birthday is the day before Valemtime’s Day?

Mom — Yes.

R — Wow. [Pause]  We should make Valemtime’s cupcakes and take them to our friends at school.

Units of measurement

Mom — What did your teacher say about the mug you made for her?

B — She loved it more than us!

Mom —  She loved the mug more than she loves you guys?

B — Well, she loves it the same as much in time as us.

Mom — That’s good.

B — Yeah, she loves it just as much length as us!



Tough enough

Mom — Boys, you realize that because I decided to only let you do homework for a half hour today, and you didn’t finish all your homework, Miss Teacher may decide to take away some privileges.

R — Are you going to send her a note?

Mom — Yes.  I will explain that I think 2 hours of homework is too long.

R — I know!  Then we wouldn’t even have time to play!

Mom — Well, if Miss Teacher says there is some punishment involved for not doing all your homework, I want you to remember that we made the decision and we’ll have to take the consequences.

R — Okay.

B — It’s okay.  We can take it.

Elementary, my dear

The boys are talking to Dad on Skype.

Dad — How was your first day back at school?

R — Not so good.

Dad — How come?

R — Well, there were some bad parts.

Dad — Like what?

R — Well, the first part, of course, is that they don’t have anything to play with at recess like at our old school.

Dad — No playground?

R — Yeah!  It’s just a field.

Dad — Oh…  What else?

R — Well, the second part, of course, is that the bus ride is so long .  The third part, of course, is that the P. E. teacher speaks Spanish.

Mom, thinking there must be more to the story — Did you get in trouble?

R — Of course not.