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Car insurance

A bedtime prayer, by R.

“… please help us to get through the last 5 days of school and let the bus ride be short.  Make sure the bus is going fast so we can get home as quickly as possible and make sure the bus doesn’t crash into a car so we can get home on time.  In Jesus’ name, amen.”

Tough enough

Mom — Boys, you realize that because I decided to only let you do homework for a half hour today, and you didn’t finish all your homework, Miss Teacher may decide to take away some privileges.

R — Are you going to send her a note?

Mom — Yes.  I will explain that I think 2 hours of homework is too long.

R — I know!  Then we wouldn’t even have time to play!

Mom — Well, if Miss Teacher says there is some punishment involved for not doing all your homework, I want you to remember that we made the decision and we’ll have to take the consequences.

R — Okay.

B — It’s okay.  We can take it.

Elementary, my dear

The boys are talking to Dad on Skype.

Dad — How was your first day back at school?

R — Not so good.

Dad — How come?

R — Well, there were some bad parts.

Dad — Like what?

R — Well, the first part, of course, is that they don’t have anything to play with at recess like at our old school.

Dad — No playground?

R — Yeah!  It’s just a field.

Dad — Oh…  What else?

R — Well, the second part, of course, is that the bus ride is so long .  The third part, of course, is that the P. E. teacher speaks Spanish.

Mom, thinking there must be more to the story — Did you get in trouble?

R — Of course not.

All in good time

The boys are aware that we can fly back to be with Dad once he has a new job.  They have been praying for his job interviews and seem to understand the connection between the job and our return trip home.

B, praying  — Dear Jesus, please let Daddy do well on his -what’s it called again?

Mom — Interview.

B — Right.  Interview.  And please let him get a job before we go back to school next week.  In Jesus’ name, amen.

Dear Mr. Grinch

As part of their work at school, the boys wrote letters to the Grinch


The circle of life

R drew the stages of his life.  He is clearly a planner.

Sweet as candy

I attest that the kid is, indeed, good enough to eat.

Time flies

R has taken to having “lunchbox conversations” with me.


Dare to discipline

Yesterday I spoke with the boys’ new teacher.  She filled me in on academics and her discipline system.  She informed me that B “reached blue” on the behavior ladder today and will miss part of recess tomorrow as a consequence.

Mom — B, your teacher told me you had a blue card in class today.

B — Yup.

Mom — Do you know why?

B — I can’t remember.

Mom — Miss Teacher said it was because you kept talking out of turn.

B — Oh, that’s right!

Mom — Miss Teacher said you won’t go to recess tomorrow.

B — “I don’t matter.”  I don’t like recess anyway.  It’s okay.