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Fill in the blank

From R’s school writing journal:


Interpretive lens

The boys made treats to share with their classmates.

Here is Mom’s sample cookie:


Here are samples of R & B’s product:


From B’s school writing journal:

Sensory language

The boys are going out to run errands with Dad.  When they get in the car, they both turn around and get out.

B — Eeew!  it stinks in there!

R — It smells putrid!

Your wish is my command

Mom — B, would you please put away the trains?

B — Okey dokey.  If you say so… I would do anything for you, Mom!


R — Mom!!!  There’s an earwig in here!  (Then, after the bug has been removed,)  It was in my shoe.  Do you think he has family in there?

Look before you leap

R, talking to B at the table — …first you date them to find out if you like them, and then you get married.  That’s why Dad and Mom were dating before they got married.

B –Yeah.  They dated when they met.

R — Dad, why did you date Mom?  Did you think she was pretty?

Dad — I liked her.

R — So you wanted to date her for a few weeks before you got married?

Mom — We dated for five years.

R — Five years?!  You wanted to be sure?