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This little piggy

At the grocery store, we see a whole pig, ready for roasting, displayed on a bed of ice.

Mom — B, look at that pig!

B — There’s a pig in here?!

Mom — The one on the ice, there.

B — Ohhhh… (Pause)  Why is there a pig at the store?

Mom — People cook them to eat.

B, after a long pause, sounding worriedI’ve never “aten” a pig, have I?

Nut gathering

We are at the grocery store while staying with Oma and Opa.  I haven’t gone shopping since we got here a week ago.  Today I am shopping with my own money (Thank you, George!), so I am loading up on some of the things that R & B like.

B — This basket is getting heavy!  This is a lot of food… are we shopping for food to store for the winter?

Archaelogical find

Out shopping, we park the car and walk across a grassy median.

R — Eew!  There’s something gross in the grass!

Mom — What is it?

R — It’s gray and it looks yucky.

Mom — Don’t step in it.

R — When we come back to the car, let’s walk on the sidewalk so we don’t step on the gross stuff.

Mom — Okay.


On our way back to the car, we mistake our lane in the parking lot and end up walking across the same grassy median.

Mom — Sorry, R.  Look out for the gross thing.

R — It’s okay.  It was on that side.  It was a fossil poop, I believe.

An empty feeling inside

We have been invited to a farewell party, so the boys haven’t had lunch yet.  We are at Toys R Us, shopping for a gift for the host family’s children.  B is noticeably quiet and morose.

Dad — Are you alright, B?

B — Yeah.

Dad — What’s wrong?

B — My tummy hurts.

Mom — What does it feel like?

B — It feels like it doesn’t have any food.   And my body feels like it doesn’t have any moisture.


Adieu with love

In the minivan, the boys’ car seats have been moved to the third row to accommodate a rider.  While running errands with them one day, I comment on how much I miss having them directly behind me in the car.

Mom – It’s so weird to have you so far away in the car!

R – It’s not like we never loved you, Mom!

How do I love thee?

At the dollar store, shopping for the required Valentines for the boys to distribute to their classmates at school.

R- Mom, we should get something for your birthday, too.

Mom – Like what?

R- I think I saw some cookies or something around here.