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Sweet talker

The boys are coming home from school with a neighbor who graciously picks them up on Mondays, when it’s all I can do to leave work just in time to get home to meet them.

B — Look at my mom’s clothes!  Do you like them?  She has to look beautiful because she is a teacher.

R — You do look beautiful, Mom.

B — You look really beautiful!  You look like a dream girl!

Special D

We are driving back to Opa and Oma’s house after an afternoon spent at Uncle George and Aunt Reina’s house.

Mom — Aunt Reina sent dinner for you.

R — What do you mean?

Mom — She sent some noodles for you to eat so you can have dinner as soon as we get home.

R — You mean in the mail or in the car?


Warm and fuzzy

At the dinner table, while staying with friends.

R, praying — … and thank you that we can have these nice memories tucked away in our minds.

A seed of doubt

We are visiting my oldest friend, an old college roommate.

Kelli — I knew you when you were little babies.

R — What?  How did you know me when I was a baby?

Kelli — I came to see you, and you were tiny little babies.

R — How do you know it was us?