The boys have been playing outside all day at Oma and Opa’s house.  They have been using a plastic laundry pail full of water to float their paper boats.  When I go outside to check on them I discover that there is no water in the pail and the boats have been reduced to a mushy mess.  The bucket is cracked on the bottom and some pieces are missing.

Mom — What happened to the pail?!

B — It broke because my brother started jumping on it and then I started jumping on it.

R — I wanted to get the paper out of it, but all the pieces were stuck to the bottom.

B — We’re sorry.

Mom — You’ll have to go tell Oma and Opa that you’re sorry.  It was their pail.  Now I’ll have to spend money on a new pail for them.


Opa joins us outside and assesses the situation, trying hard not to laugh at the boys’ pained expressions.

B — We’re sorry we broke your pail, Opa.

Opa, disguising a smile — We’ll have to buy a new one.  They are expensive!

R — Well, just buy the cheapest one you can find.



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