Monthly Archives: December 2011

¡Feliz Navidad!

Oma and Opa’s Christmas tree has some extra flair this year, courtesy of R & B.

Dear Mr. Grinch

As part of their work at school, the boys wrote letters to the Grinch


X-Ray vision

The boys had fun with body crayons.  R displayed his knowledge of the digestive and circulatory systems.

High praise

R — Mom, how does your body use sugar to make energy?

Mom — That’s a science question that Daddy can answer best.

R — How come Dad is so much smarter than you?

Mom — I guess he just knows a lot of stuff.

R — Why?

Mom — I don’t know.  I guess he just knows a lot more than I do, particularly when it comes to science.

R — Yeah.  I think Daddy is the smartest man alive that I know!

B — Me, too!  He knows everything!

Deck the halls

The boys helped Oma decorate the house for Christmas.

Because an outfit isn’t complete without accessories, of course.


And two days later:

The circle of life

R drew the stages of his life.  He is clearly a planner.

Sweet as candy

I attest that the kid is, indeed, good enough to eat.