Memories …

It was so much fun, B has forgotten all about it.  Writing prompts can be so telling.



4 responses to “Memories …

  • Bongo

    Did you ever figure out where he went?

    • Mom

      I did! The “happy place” is the local Children’s Museum.

      Miss Teacher told me that the class is focusing on adding details to their written pieces. I’m guessing the name of the place that brought B so much joy would be considered an essential detail… 😀

  • Nel

    I love how he writes 2011 in the space for date. And he is not alone when forgetting names of places; I did when I was a kid. I remember what was in the place but not what it was called.

    And Bongo has found you. Neat! =)

    • Mom

      Can’t fault the kid for forgetting the name of the place he only visits when we’re staying with Opa and Oma! Besides, I daily forget where I was going en route while puttering around the house. Maybe I’m not having enough fun? 🙂

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