At the dinner table.

B — Look at that old banana.  It’s all brown and freckly.  Gross.

R — Why is the stem all brown and skinny?

B — That is a good question!

R — I would never separate a banana from the bunch unless I was going to eat it.

Mom — Why not?

R — Because they need nutrients.  There are nutrients in the stem for them!

B — But the stem on the old “overriped” banana is dead.  It looks like a wick.

R — A wick?  What’s a wick?

B — It’s the thing you light on a bomb to explode it.

Mom — Or on a candle, to make light.

R — That’s what it’s called?

Mom — Yes.

R — You know almost everything, B.

Mom — You are both very smart.

R — You know why I can’t “renember” a lot of stuff, B?  Because  I like to dream!


3 responses to “Dreamweaver

  • Nel

    Renember gets me each time. R the Dreamer – nice ring to it! 🙂 This has officially made my morning (11.12.11 – I completely let 11.11.11 pass without commemoration. How unsentimental is that?).

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