To know your own limitations

In the aftermath of a freak snow storm in the fall, which swept through New England the weekend before Halloween and knocked out power for most of our state, we have been staying with friends who have a generator.

Mom — Wasn’t it fun to stay with Mr. and Mrs. L?

R — Yes.  I like their dogs.

Mom — Me, too.  Which one was your favorite?

R — I like Madison the best.

Mom — She’s the most playful, huh?

R — Yeah.

Mom — Can you imagine having four dogs?

R — No.  Good thing she got those dogs when they were old.

Mom — Actually, Mrs. L.  got them when they were puppies.

R — Wow!  How did she do it?

Mom — Pretty amazing, huh?  Would you like to have four dogs?

R — I don’t think I could handle it.


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