Perspective adjustment

The boys have been playing with their toy cars, crashing them into each other and providing the appropriate sounds for the horrific scenes.  R comes into the kitchen, holding his car, and crying.

R — B broke my car!!

Dad — Were you guys crashing your cars?

R – Yes.

Dad — I told you to be careful with these cars.  This is why.

R — Can I get a new one?

Dad — No.  I specifically told you to take care of this one if you wanted me to get you another one.

R, now sobbing — Can it be fixed?

Dad — I don’t think so.

R’s sobbing turns into deafening wailing.

Mom — R, please go sit on your bed to cry.  Come back when you’ve calmed down.

R goes upstairs, wailing, sobbing, wiping his face with his shirt sleeve.

In the living room, B is sitting quietly on the couch.

B — Mom, R should be crying harder if I died.  He loves me more than his car, right?

Mom — Of course!

Dad, sitting down next to B — Did you break R’s car, B?

B — Well, we were crashing them.

Dad — But did you break his car?

B, tearing up — My car broke the door on his car.

Dad — Why are you crying?

B — Because I feel sad.

Dad — You feel sad about his car?

B — Yes.  I didn’t mean to break it!

Dad — It would be nice if you told R that.

B — Okay.


B and Dad go upstairs to the boys’ bedroom.

B — R, I’m sorry I broke your car.  You should be crying harder if I died.  Losing a brother is worse than breaking a car!


3 responses to “Perspective adjustment

  • Nel

    I love this. More than just the humor of B’s comment about dying being worse than breaking the car, it shows that they care about each other’s feelings. It’s sweet. 🙂

    On a different note, they might like Legos. They can build cars and crash them and then just put them back together. My brothers (when they were younger) enjoyed those.

  • Mom

    I often wonder about the bond between twins. When I look at my kids I think there has to be something to the stories about twins who “feel each others’ pain.”

    They DO love Lego cars. Unfortunately, when they play with them, Mom is the one who suffers: stepping on Lego pieces is painful! Ouch! (Dad feels the pain in other ways: Lego systems are expensive! Ouch!)

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