Run for your life

R developed a high fever late Saturday night.  It lingered on and off into Sunday, so he is home from school on Monday.

R — I can’t go to school because I have a cough, right Mom?

Mom — No, not really.  You’re not going to school because you had a fever yesterday.

R — Oh…

Mom — You can’t go to school for 24 hours after you’ve had a fever.

R — For twenty-four hours?!

Mom — That’s what the rule says.

R — What ruler?

Mom — The rule.  That’s the rule we have to follow everywhere.

R — In the whole United States?

Mom — I would guess so.

R — Why do we have to wait for 24 hours?

Mom — Truthfully, I’m not sure why it’s 24 hours, but I suspect it has to do with being contagious.

R — Maybe so the germs can run away?


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