Aftercare afterglow

It’s Thursday, and it’s Dad’s turn to pick up the boys at school.  I am leaving campus at 5:15 PM when I see the boys running out of the aftercare room to meet me.

Mom, horrified that the boys are still at school — What are you doing here?!

B — We were playing in aftercare.

Mom — Dad was supposed to pick you up!  Did he forget you?!  I am so sorry, boys!  I thought Dad had picked you up!

R — Don’t worry about it.  We had a great time!


2 responses to “Aftercare afterglow

  • Boy Mom Blogger

    I love this! I’m still trying to get over my two y.o. calling me ‘mom’ instead of ‘mommy’ like his 4 y.o. brother does. They do say so many other things – it would be good to track them.

  • Mom

    Welcome, Boy Mom Blogger! I always tell people that I’m not creative enough to come up with some of the things R&B say… I’m so glad I’ve been jotting down some of them!

    Like you, I had a hard-time when one of my boys started calling me “Mom”.

    I’m over it. 🙂

    Thanks for visiting!

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