The kids are alright

At a petting zoo, the boys have been looking at the ducks and geese for a long while.  At one point, several of the geese congregate in a corner of the pen and start honking.

R — Look!  They’re all together!

B — And they’re honking!  They’re talking!

R — Are they having a meeting?

Mom — Why would they be having a meeting?

R — They’re talking about the kids, I believe.


4 responses to “The kids are alright

  • Nel

    We had geese at my high school who roamed freely around the campus. It was scary when they congregated because next minute they’d be chasing down one or a group of students. 😉

  • Mom

    Wait… free-roaming geese at school? And they chased students?! [twirls mustache] Hmmmmm…

  • Nel

    Yeap free-roaming geese. I don’t know why we had them around to begin with. They were there since I started attending that school. They walk around and usually don’t bother anyone. But when they ‘converge’ and do those geese-sounds (like you described above) it would seem like they’re plotting something.

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