The golden state

In the car, on the way home from school.

B — … it was Connecticut skin color.

R — Right.  But we have California skin color.

B — Right!  ‘Cause we were born in California!

Mom– B, what is Connecticut skin color?

B — It’s sort of like peachy.

R — It’s pale.

B — Yeah, sort of like whitish pinkish.

Mom — What’s California skin color?

R — You know… brown!

B — Like us!


2 responses to “The golden state

  • alice

    Just wanted to say…I LOVE these posts, it starts my day off right…and makes me feel SO LUCKY to have there beautiful little boys as my nephews!!! Maybe someday soon we will be living together in San Diego, and I will see them and you guys alot more!!!!!

  • Mom

    Yay, Auntie Al!

    Don’t tease about moving to sunny SoCal, now! Maybe you can relocate there to take a job as the personal nanny/nurse of a set of very talkative twin boys? 😀

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