Monthly Archives: September 2011

Presentation is everything

The boys helped me make scones.  When the dough was made and we were ready to put scoops of it on the baking sheets, I reminded them that scones shouldn’t be perfectly round or flat, like cookies.

R — They’re bumpy! (Pause)  I get it!  They’re called scones ’cause they look like rocks.  Scones instead of stones, right?

Auntie Kate

In the kitchen, during breakfast, the boys are discussing their need for haircuts.

B – I want to let mine grow out, but not as long as yours, Mom.

R – I want mine to be medium.

Mom – You could let it grow out on the top only.  That way it would be longer without looking like mine.

B – What do you mean?

Mom – You know, even all the way around.  Like a bowl.

R, loudly and enthusiastically  – But then we would look like Auntie Kate!!

When life hands you lemons

At the dinner table, R asks for lemonade.

Mom — Not tonight.  I want to save it for you when you take your medicine tomorrow (a laxative that has to be mixed into a liquid).

R — Well, how about just a little bit?

Mom — No.

R — Maybe a little bit of lemonade with lots of water? ‘Cause that makes lots of lemonade.

Mom stares at him, amazed at his efforts to get his way.  Everyone is silent for a few seconds.

R — Why won’t you say anything?  Are you embarrassed?

The nitty gritty

R and I are having a conversation about heaven.

R — Is it going to look like our home now?

Mom — Yes, but better!  There will be nothing to hurt us or make us sad.

R — So there won’t be poison ivy?

Sound check

B — Mom, even though R and I look the same, we’re different because R has a lower voice when he cries.

The entomologist

Discussing the different ways to kill house flies.

R — We could use some of that bug spray that Oma has…

Dad — That doesn’t really work.

R — Yeah, it does!  It kills spiders, flies, and croaches, too!

Bad manners

After a recent conversation regarding the eating habits of dung beetles.

B — Good thing we don’t eat poop!

R — That would be so inappropriate.

Hospitality at its best

On the floor outside the boys’ bedroom, during a recent visit from Auntie Kate:

Sleight of hand

In the kitchen, the boys are eating Popsicles.  A conversation ensues about how these particular Popsicles compare to some they had last week.

R — Well, the red part looks the same, but those tasted like strawberry and these taste like cherry.  It’s the switcheroo!

Bye, bye, baby

R walks into the room, where Mom is making the bed.

R — I’m hungry.  Can you make noodles?

Mom — Sure.  Let me finish this.  I’ll be right there.

R — You don’t have to tell me that!

Mom — What do you mean?

R — You don’t have to say that to me.  I’m all grown up!  Look at me!  I’m seven years old!