High drama

R and B come home from school, and R runs into the bathroom, where I am taking a shower.

R — Mom, guess what I did at school today?!

Mom — Did you lose a tooth?

R — Yep!

Mom — That’s great!  Did it happen at lunch?

R — No.  Mrs. So-n-So smacked me in the mouth and knocked it out!

At this point, of course, he decides to leave the bathroom.  Dad comes in and I ask him for the details.  Apparently Mrs. So-n-So, the school receptionist, was walking and when she swung her arm back, she accidentally hit R’s face and  – literally – knocked his tooth out.  In all fairness, his tooth had been loose, and we had been trying to get R to let us pull it out.

R decides to join us in the bathroom again.

Dad — You know, we should get Mrs. So-n-So to smack you in the mouth again to knock your other loose tooth out.

R — No!  That’s not a good idea!  I could swallow it! ( He opens the door to leave and over his shoulder calls out “I COULD DIE!”


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