Laughter is the best medicine

I was at the hospital with R a couple of weeks ago.  I rushed him to the Emergency Room late at night after he had been moaning about the pain in his stomach for almost two hours.  He had been crying for so long his voice was raspy.  God granted us mercy and he slept during the 20 minute ride to the hospital.  He woke up when I was 3 blocks away from the building, still in agony.  I carried him into the E.R., while he cried and I prayed.  The gentleman at the front desk took down some information and asked me to bring R in.

It was like magic.

Suddenly, R was ON.  He was dry-eyed.  He was alert.  He was sitting up.  He was looking around.

He kept me (and most of the staff at Children’s Hospital) in stitches for the next hour or so.

Nurse — Hi, buddy.  I’m going to put this little light on your finger.

R — What’s it for?

Nurse — It tells me how much oxygen is in your blood.

R — Is the light the sensor?

Nurse — Right!

R — I knew it!  I see lots of sensors everywhere.


Nurse — Do you have any brothers or sisters?

R — I have a brother.

Nurse — Oh!  Is he bigger than you or smaller than you?

R — What do you mean?  He’s just the same as me.

Nurse — Is he your twin?

R — Yes.  We were one egg that split, like this.  (He places both fists together, then slowly separates them.) But you know what?  We survived.


Doctor — Any vomiting or diarrhea?

R — No.  What’s diarrhea?

Doctor — That’s when your poop is really runny and watery.

R — Oh, yes, I’ve had that before.

Doctor — Tonight?

R — No.  Today it was just, um, like, smooth and soft.

Doctor — Okay.  And how long have you had this pain?

R — Oh, for years!


Radiology Tech — I need you to stand here and be really still for me so I can take your picture.

R — Where’s your camera?

Radiology Tech —  Right here, see?

R — That’s a big camera!

Radiology Tech —  It is.  It takes pictures of bones!

R — What?!  How can it do that?

Radiology Tech —  It’s a special machine.  Now be still while Mommy and I go stand over here behind this wall.  Be really still so your picture will come out nice.

The tech and I walk around the wall and she begins the countdown for R.

Radiology Tech —  Reaaady?  Still?  Here we go!

And I see R smile his best photo smile.


The radiology tech let us go in the back room while she downloaded the images.  She showed R his heart, his bladder, and his intestines.  She also pointed out the likely reason for his discomfort: a LOT of poop.  She told R she would send the doctor his pictures so he would be able to see what was wrong.

Back in the examining room, the doctor walks in.

R — Did you see my pictures?

Doctor — I did!

R — I’m full of poop.  Did you see it?



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